Have you ever wonder how you can play with PlayStation roms on your PC or Laptop computer? Here are the steps that you needed so it's possible to play those old school games from Sony PlayStation 1 - from 1994 till it was phased out. 

Here are a few very simply steps you may take to set up an emulator for PlayStation 1 ROMs, and play them on your own Windows based Computer. The measures to play PSX or even PlayStation 1 games has not been tested on Windows 8, so there aren't any guarantees it will work. Please leave a comment when you have successfully work it onto a Windows 8 computer.


  • 1. 1 Get the"Epsxe" for your own computer, then extract to get the folder content and make a new folder in your desktop called, Epsxe. If the file you've extracted has the exact same name, there is not any need to produce new folder, simply move it to the desktop. 
  •  2. Two as soon as you've transferred the document, you need to open the file of ePSXe. When you have downloaded some Game ROMs previously, it is going to provide you an error you want BIOS so as to run the match' ROMs or the configuration. 
  •  3. 3 Because you Can't eliminate the error message from the PSX Emulator, you need to download the BIOS in Addition to the Plugins from the given link in"Matters Needed". 
  •  4. 4 as soon as you've downloaded the File, then you want to extract it, then cut or cut and paste it into the"Epsxe" folder. You may see there also an executable file that has been named,"Epsxe Fullboot". 
  •  5. 5 Rather than conducting the routine Epsxe, run the Epsxe Fullboot on your PC. You can simply configure your emulator to that pictures, sounds and other options that you want to utilize, and you're good to go. 
  •  6. 6 To run the games, in your own PSX Emulator, click on the document the Run that the ISO. If you've got a ROM that has been burned to a CD or DVD, you can run it as well by selecting the Run CDROM and enjoy your classic game on PC or Laptop.

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